No internet connectivity… disabled Bluetooth & WiFi… disabled external media storage… hard disk encryption… but that’s no reason why we can’t retrieve sensitive information from such machines! The exploit that I will be sharing is based on the following behavior:

Image showing keyboard state being shared across all connected keyboards

See how toggling Caps Lock on one keyboard actually updates the state on the other keyboard — the same behavior is also observed for Scroll Lock and Num Lock. What this tells us, is that your OS keeps track of these keyboard states, and outputs them to all connected keyboard devices. Sorry for being Captain Obvious, but our usual interactions…

There are several great things that money can’t buy

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When I’m on the go, I carry my Aftershock Lunar 14 with me. With WSL2, it meant a much more promising experience using Windows for regular surfing and light development. However, it’s been one year down the road, and I’ve never managed to get around the following issues:

  • Not all IDEs are compatible with WSL2: Integrated terminal experience with VS Code is great using the RemoteWSL extension, but the same can’t be said for IntelliJ IDEs.
  • WSL2 projects have to be stored in the Linux file system: I initially made a…

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An estimated 85% of smartphone users worldwide use Android. Regardless of whether you were drawn to the ecosystem for its affordable price point, highly customizable nature, or your outright contempt of fruit, there is a very good chance that you have not explored the amazing things your (unrooted) Android device can do.

At its core, the Android OS is built on top of a Linux kernel. One of the main differences between Android and other distros is that it does not come packaged with many of the GNU libraries commonly found in Linux. As a result, most applications cannot be…

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When most of us think of a hacker, we imagine a sinister figure from the underworld who lives in perpetual darkness, whose only comprehension of light is of the panel from his screen. The keyboard — an extension of his limbs — does his bidding with each and every rapid, purposeful keystroke. Nothing stands in the way of his unparalleled wit, as he lays waste to the layers of security meant to keep him out. He grins and lets out a sigh of satisfaction, tapping the Enter key one final time, then leans back in his chair for a well-earned…

Several years ago, I purchased Intel’s NUC6i5SYH for basic media streaming and light development. With dimensions measuring 115 x 111 x 48 mm and a TDP rating of 15W, it is the smallest, most power-efficient PC that I have ever laid my hands on. This little beast was configured with:

  • 2x8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 250GB NVME
  • 1TB 2.5" SSD

A few years on, I became convinced that I needed a more powerful rig, especially when dabbling in projects that were power-hungry. …

Ren Jie Chong

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